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Home to over 86,000 residents, League City, Texas, is the largest city in Galveston County. Residents to the delightfully active coastal city enjoy easy access to Houston and Galveston, as well as The Woodlands and Sugarland. The town's easy commute to downtown Houston adds attraction to those with jobs in the city who desire a more laid-back lifestyle. The charming community also appeals to those interested in life on the Texas Coast and the many wonderful opportunities for recreation that the coastal lifestyle affords. The city has a reputation for being family-friendly and affordable, in combination with the waterfront views and the immense array of recreational possibilities, the city has no rival in the quality of life it can offer its citizens.


The area was settled in the early 1800s when missionaries were sent to Mexico in order to civilize the native population. The land was given to the Father in charge of the mission as a payment for his service. The Father sold the land rights to J.C. League from nearby Galveston. Families soon arrived making this very special city their home. The initial families who settled in the area spread out, establishing homesteads throughout the land and planting the historic oaks which bring so much charm to the town today. In 1874 the town was officially chartered under the name of Clear Creek. The town's name was eventually changed to its current form in 1902, upon the urging of many residents who were insistent that the town should be named for its founding father. Today many of the original town structures remain. Historical homes, schools, churches and live oaks thrive today, endowing the town with the charm it is so well known for.

Parks and Recreation

The community offers a wide array of public parks and recreational facilities spanning over 600 acres of publicly designated land. From community gardens and public swimming areas to more traditional green spaces and playgrounds, the town has it all.

Attractions and Activities

Boating, swimming and fishing are popular activities in the area, and it is no surprise considering the town has the honor of housing more pleasure boats in its marinas than any other community in the state of Texas. Land locked recreation is also popular in this Texas town as League City is home to the 27-hole Magnolia Creek Golf Course and the South Shore Harbour Country Club. Here you will find that it's always time for tee time!


The historic Texas town is also home to many community events throughout the year. Close to Houston, residents can easily spend a night in the larger city. However, residents do not need to go far to find enjoyment year round. Popular community events, include the Southwest International In-the-Water Boat Show, the Spring and Summer Concerts in the Park and the Concerts in the Park.

Considering a move outside of Houston? This wonderful community is close to everything. Convenient to both Houston and Galveston, this city represents the best of all possible worlds. The town is both laid-back and energetic, family friendly but offers many adult activities; the city is truly one of a kind. Our team is intimately familiar with the area and has properties listed in all of the city's zip codes, including 77058, 77059, 77062, 77258, 77573, 77505, 77507, 77565, 77586 and 77598. If you are interested in finding out more about the areas available real estate options contact Etheredge Real Estate today.

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