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Many dream of living on this wonderful island but few call it home. Located just 50 miles south of Houston, Galveston Island is an ideal oasis. Featuring 32 miles of beaches, there are many reasons why this island is such a wonderful place to settle down. The relaxed atmosphere of the island community is among some of the top reasons why people choose to take up permanent residence on the island. The beach community is also home to an abundance of recreational and leisurely activities, countless attractions, a lively historic city center, great shopping, dining and entertainment. Residents of this historic island live the dream. The town is home to many of the amenities that you would find in a larger city but packed into a smaller space with all the feeling of a close tight-knit community.


The history of this ethnically diverse city is long and interesting. The town contains a lore all its own and extending all the way back to the 16th century. The part Southern, part Texan town was first touched upon by Europeans in 1528 when Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, a Spainish explorer, was shipwrecked on the Island. The clever explorer lived among the native Karankawa for several years as a medicine man. A hundred years later the French explorer Robert Cavelier La Salle made claim to the island in the name of King Louis, naming it St. Louis. Eventually a very clever and very debonair pirate named Jean Lafitte made his way to the island and set up the colony of Campeche. The pirate's colony was first established in 1817; at its peak the colony numbered about a 1000 in total. The colony was not permanent as the pirate was eventually forced to leave. The pirate abandoned the colony, burning the town as he left. The town as it is today was founded in 1n 1839 by early pioneers, such as Michel Menard and Samuel May Williams. The town has undergone many changes since its original incorporation. Often the center of many wild tales, the town has preserved much of its historical charm and original character.

Parks and Recreation

The charming historical community features many amenities which are attractive for those seeking to relocate to the area. The entire island is a sort of outdoor playground, but beyond that the community offers additional amenities for area residents. Within the small island community, you will find numerous parks and recreation centers, ensuring that there is a way to fully enjoy life on the island. Popular parks can be found all across the island but a large portion of the island's parks are concentrated on the northern end of the island, in the 77553 and 77551 area codes, near the islands famed historic district.

Attractions and Activities

The beautiful island is home to many historical attractions and features. From the lovingly restored 1877 pirate ship the ELISSA to the downtown's many Victorian structures, the community is a buzz with historical charm. One of the towns most infamous structures is its protective Seawall. The Seawall provides as much fun as it does protection for the town's residents. The city developed the wall to protect the community against the movement of the gulf's tidal waters. However, the Seawall has become a center of activity for the town. Many residents enjoy walking, biking or playing on the seven mile long structure. What would the island be without its Historic Pleasure Pier. The coastal Texan seaside park rivals similar parks like the those found in Santa Monica or Coney Island. The 1,130-foot pier is home to the likes of the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant, as well as many shops, games and rides.


The Island is home to a great many events through out the year. Events range from those historical and cultural to nature loving and family friendly.

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